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Beaumont Village Beaumont Village Beaumont Village Beaumont Village Beaumont Village Beaumont Village
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To create a world class retirement community from the ruins of an old stables and veterinary hospital required a fully focussed vision rooted in a deep passion along with extreme patience.

The inspiration for the development was born several years earlier when one of the directors of Beaumont Village had witnessed first-hand how our society treats its elders. Jim Rice knew then it should be possible to offer this country's older population a better alternative for their twilight years. Using this example as his motivation, Jim and co-director Dr. Mervyn Suffield were able to battle through all problems to create the village we can see today.

This development gives back choice to the over-55's - they can involve themselves in village life as much or as little as they like - all the time knowing that they have the reassurance of professional medical and safety on site.

Beaumont Village

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