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Beaumont Village Beaumont Village Beaumont Village Beaumont Village Beaumont Village Beaumont Village
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Constructed to serve east, west and south barracks. Each block of barracks was serviced by one range of stables. Each of the ranges consisted of 24 individual stables broken down into 16 stalls and 8 loose boxes. This was adequate for the number of horses stabled in peace time. The wards were designed to be both practical and flexible; each was fronted with a veranda which enabled the horses to be moved whilst still remaining under cover. The infirmary was constructed in such a way so as to allow each horse its own stable and fodder with sufficient ventilation for the total number of animals.

Each stable block could be converted when needed into an operating theatre, recovery or treatment room. A number of hooks were installed allowing a horse to be restrained or supported by slings as part of its ongoing treatment.

Beaumont Village

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