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The Infirmary Stables were originally built for the general upkeep and well being of the animals housed in Aldershot and were not designed to provide anything other than basic care. However, in 1901, after the bloody Boer War - when the army again lost over two thirds of it's horses this time to infection and disease, the Army decided to expand the stable blocks and convert them into a Veterinary Hospital.

By 1906 plans were finalised to construct several new, dedicated buildings including an operating theatre, pharmacy, farriers and dressing shed. There was also to be a further range of stables on the south side of the site with accommodation for over 60 animals. A new isolation ward was also planned due to the fact that a major cause of the loss of horses and mules in the Boer War was the enforced stabling together of fresh and diseased mounts. The new facilities were finally finished in 1910 and served for a new generation of army veterinary personnel.

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